Is Skyroam Solis Worth It?

Call me skeptically excited when I stumbled upon Skyroam over the most recent holiday.  When the opportunity presented to try the gadget.  At first glance, I thought “It looks cool, but what does it really do?”.   

What is it?

According to Skyroam, the Solis device features:

  • Wifi Anywhere in the Globe (Over 130 countries)
    • Share among 5 devices
    • Pay only for what you use (no contracts)
    • Unlimited fast speeds (3G/4G LTE based on location)
  • Built-In battery power source

Do I need It?

That was the first question on my mind. As all of my T-Mobile fans will know, With T-Mobile One, or One Plus, you receive one hour or unlimited wifi (respectively) on Delta and free international calling or texting in most countries. So, at first glance, I did not think I needed this. Again, skeptically, excited. When the package arrived it still felt like Christmas!

Does it work?

I was not sure at first. Now, I touted T-Mobile’s international capabilities, but their service inside my home in the USA is a different story. At times, we go outside, or simply use a VOIP line. We might actually install a LAND LINE! But we will save all of that for another time.

In all transparency, it did not work in my home initially. Just like my T-Mobile phone, I have to go search for corners to get the device to work. However, when it counted the Solis came through like a champ.

We were traveling to Acapulco on this trip, while the resort is beautiful, the TV selection is limited, so we were loaded with Roku sticks, laptops, phones…the usual. Needless to say, the resort offered wifi throughout. However, level, and capabilities of their service varied, and left something to be desired no matter which plan selected based on reviews. Now I know some of you are saying, “You will never spend any time in the room”. This is false, there is always some down time, and in this day and time we are accustomed to having our media readily available.

The Solis first demonstrated its usefulness when we realized that the free wifi offered by the resort was limited to 4 devices when trying to fire up the Roku stick. So, two people with two phones and two laptops were maxed out. Forget about a Roku stick, forget kids and their devices, or any other traveling companions. While these policies vary, it is common in resort and business travel destinations for these services to be limited or offered for a fee. This speed bump was the perfect reason to pull out the orange Solis!

Exterior photo of Skyroam Solis
Solis sporting instructional packaging
Interior photo of Skyroam Solis
Inside the beast…

As you can see Skyroam provides some exciting directional packaging. Functional and Informative! I like it! As you can see, there are 5 simple steps to getting this thing started. One of which involves you merely “waiting for a solid light”. So to say that it is user friendly would be an understatement. Once the glowing light is solid, you are connected. The convenient app will provide you with important details, like the speed of your connection, how many users are connected, and the amount of data used. Important if you are on a pay per use plan, which we will get into more detail about.

Once connected the device provided reliable service for not only the roku stick, but it was a great alternative for any of our other devices whenever the resort wifi was just too slow. We got 3G/4G speeds consistently throughout the resort…even on the beach!

If you are traveling with more than 2 people, this device is a must, providing extra capacity, and portability. Additionally, for those concerned with security, this device is the perfect alternative to public wifi.

I almost forgot about the battery!

This thing was such a lifesaver just as a portable battery, with an amazing battery life. We used it to charge multiple phones from near death, while the wifi was running, and the thing lasted overnight.

How much does it cost?

As with most subscription services, there are a few flavors available.

First of all, if you are on the fence and want to give it a try before you commit, you can rent the device. This truly brings the technology to you on an as needed basis. The cost to rent the device with unlimited global wifi is $9.95 per day. Save 10% with our code ‘FIRECX’ Compared to the resorts upgraded wifi service which was $149 for the stay, this is about half the cost.

If you know this is for you, or you plan more than two international trips annually, I would recommend purchasing the device at $149 $139 with our code ‘FIRECX’. For months where you are planning several trips, or anticipate heavy usage, you may subscribe to the unlimited global wifi at $99 per month or $9 per day.

If you will not be using the device frequently, but want the access available, utilize the Skyroam GoData plan, which for $9 per month includes 1GB of 4G data in over 130 countries.

Where can I get it?

Of course, to make if easy for you, we have provided a link for you to get the best deal available from Solis when you use our code “FIRECX

Global Unlimited Data only 9.95 per day!  Buy Now!

Don’t forget to use our discount code “FIRECX

Global Unlimited Data only 9.95 per day!  Rent Now!

Donald Trump…This Black Man’s Idol!?

On a cold Buffalo Christmas day in 1989 my auntie gave me a gift that helped shape the Trump identity in my mind.  That afternoon, an eager 11-year-old ripped open a “supplemental” Christmas gift.  You know, the kind that shows up after everything Santa Claus and your parents brought has been exhausted.  Often times, these supplemental gifts can be somewhat mundane…they usually are not the “best” gifts, but this particular box contained Milton Bradley’s latest release:  Trump: The Game.

Trump: The Game was patterned after Monopoly, and based on conquests outlined in Trump’s best-selling Art of the Deal. Now, I must admit. trump_game_box I did not know that this game existed.  Clearly, I was not alone in my ignorance, since the game sold poorly, selling only 800,000 of an expected 200,000,000 copies. Despite most of the kids in the room having no idea this game was on the market, everyone was pretty excited, because everyone knew who Donald Trump was.  Everyone present, including the 11-year-old version of myself had a strong image of the man in our minds.  Now this was 1989, so the views held were not nuanced.  They were vague, in a cloudy Broadway Lights sort of haze.  DT represented money, power, and success in my mind, and probably the mind of every American at that time.

Based upon this image, and my youthful desire to reach the pinnacle of success I proclaimed loudly to the room: “When I grow up, I want to be just like Donald Trump!”

The entire room erupted in laughter, and my mom or one of her friend invariably said “Keep that up and you will, baby!”.

During the 80’s and 90’s Donald Trump’s name and Image were everywhere.  Casinos in Atlantic City,  constant interest in the magnates dating prowess, and a long runing fued with rival NYC developer Leona Helmsley kept him in the news.  His face was constantly in all manner of media basically styled as a “wealthy real estate tycoon”.  Needless to say I enjoyed playing that game for at least two years with my brothers and my cousins back in North Carolina.  As I reflect on this period of my existence I realized that at this moment in time almost every person I knew had a positive image of DT.  He was not a polarizing figure, certainly not political.

Provocative? Yes.  Brash?  Yes. Aloof?  Yes.

Hateful? No…  Fascist? No.  Racist?  No.

Sexist?  Ehh…maybe.

That’s pretty much what most folks I knew thought of DT back in 1989.  He was ok in the hood…wherever that might be.  Now, that certainly has changed as we advance to 2016. In more recent times, he has said many things, about far too many people, that I will not repeat in this space, that he simply cannot take back.

Some folks are still down, and others like rappers YG and Nipsey Hussle are not feeling it, as expressed in their 2016 track FDT (you can do the math on the title)!

Put simply, some folks just dont trust him.  And some never will.  No mater what Dr. Ben Carson or Omarosa have to say about it!

As for me, while the tune is catchy…I am a bit more optimistic, and taking a wait and see approach. The only way to win the game is to play.  So, while the game in Washington may be changing, this is by no means time to sit the game out. Only time will tell. One things for sure, I do not want to be anything like Donald Trump anymore.

Welcome Societists!

Hello Friends!  Welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere.  While this is not my first foray into the space, it is the first in the modern era.  I will not promote any particular agenda here, but I will share thoughts that are on my mind, about people, time, and space.  Sharing, and receiving, are the best way we all can come to common understandings as we seek to exist together in this thing called society.