Good Morning Sunshines…Ernie McClellan here.  Telling stories, whether my own, or the stories of others is an activity that has always been a part of my being. Born in Buffalo, NY to a couple that did not last (like so many), I was raised by my grandparents and when just a few years old, moved to rural SE North Carolina when my grandfather retired.  This whole idea of stories, narratives, and the sharing of these narratives is inspired by my grandfather.  He told me many, many stories over the years, as a result much of my communication style has developed in this form.

After my days of rearing in the country, I struck out on my own to attend Fayetteville State University (FSU).  My time at FSU was instructional and informative, while I was not to attain my degree from FSU, the experience was just as influential as if I had.  After leaving FSU, I embarked on a successful career in the Telecom industry, which really marked my first adult chapter of life.

The second chapter began after 8 years in Telecom and my arrival at a point of burn-out!  I returned to school at Rockhurst University completing my degree in Communication.  Communication was my choice, because I truly see communication as the primary skill necessary no matter the specialty one practices.  Additionally, I’ve always had an interest in broadcasting, and so it is!

My current space feels about like the third chapter in life for Ernie.  This chapter has been one of pretty swift changes, exciting new challenges, and experiences.  I am simply working to keep up.  My professional experience in this season is focused in Human Resource Development and Continuous Improvement, and I am hopeful that some of the stories I share through The Societist will further those endeavors.

Please engage with any and all that is shared here, and do not hesitate to reach out directly if the mood strikes!